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Tentative about two tone is back...need your suggestions.

13 years ago

Hi friends. I posted a few weeks ago about my concerns about the two tone look I am going for in my kitchen. Well since then, my cabinets have been installed and look great. The cream colored perimeter and espresso island look very nice together. We just decided on going with the Leather Antique Brown granite on the perimeter. It's interesting and goes well with the choclate and cream look of the kitchen, but i am having a tough time picking the granite for the island.

I was leaning towards White River or Colonial cream, but prefer white river. I am having a tough time comitting to anything. Can anyone sway me or give me other suggestions.

I'm almost there, and appreciate your thoughts. BTW, does anyone have the leathered antique brown? I would love to see your pics and hear your thoughts/concerns. Thanks

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