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My reveal - Two-tone, modest budget

Kathy Rivera
9 years ago

GW has been a great help in my kitchen remodel journey. I learned so much and think I have a better kitchen because of it, so thank you! I also happened to find my KD through the site, so if you are in the Westchester county/Hudson Valley area, send me a message and I'll gladly recommend. I was pretty anti-KD at first because I was really trying to stick to a budget (a rather modest one for my area of the country, though not in much of the country), and I'm pretty confident in my research abilities and thought I knew enough. I certainly did the 'designing' when I sat with the guy from Home Depot. But I stumbled upon this KD and the (quite small) added cost was worth it because of the ideas/details/etc that I truly feel would have been missed if it was me and 'guy from HD'.

What I love most:
Prep area! Lots of counter space and a couple different areas for various people to use. I hosted Thanksgiving and we had 3 people prepping in different spots, 2 other adults standing around (or at peninsula) drinking wine, and 2 rambunctious kids running through every 5 minutes. No one ran into each other or stepped on anyone's toes, and it was great!
I especially love my peninsula for lunch prep � whether it's school lunches with my lunchbags/ziplocs/fridge/foods all right there, or regular lunch where I can spread out sandwich fixins and stuff to make up 3-4 plates, it's just as I hoped it would be.

What I might/maybe/probably would do different next time (but don't tell my husband because he'd kill me if I wasn't completely happy...

Cream cabinets...while I LOVE the look of the two tone, and this color is EXACTLY what I had in mind for painted (I did NOT want white but didn't want too yellow either), the couple dings/chips that have happened are REALLY bothering me. They don't touch up nearly as easily as a ding in the stained cabs do. And I hate seeing the dirt more. I wipe down my cabs enough for them to be technically clean, but one greasey kid (or parent!) hand and now I've got to wipe that off even though I might have just cleaned them the day before. It annoys me, quite frankly.

My backsplash...sigh. I found the perfect tiles. I loved them so much! They were a unique shape and the cream matched the cabs almost exactly, and they were from HD so very budget friendly. Unfortunately, the slight blueish tone that a few of the tiles had in my samples (which was lovely on its own) became a 'sea of blue' to my eyes when it was all put up. And I personally really dislike harlequin so never wanted that...from far away they look harlequin! :( However, the color is growing on me and I'm apparently the only one who really notices (except KD! :) ). In fact, it's one of the first things people notice and compliment and they always touch it � so it must look decent, just not what I envisioned.

But all in all, I love it. It works so much better than my old. Now we just need to get a new dining room set...but hubby wants to wait until the kids grow a bit and it won't be covered in food and glitter glue! LOL

Cabinets � Showplace, Style: Concord, Color: Stained are Cayenne w/Walnut glaze (cherry), Painted are Soft Cream (maple)
Pulls/knobs - Jeffrey Alexander Chesapeake pull, Jeffrey Alexander Crodova knob (
Granite � Ice Brown from US Granite in Danbury CT (got a free oggee edge since I declined their free sink)
Backsplash - Arabesque Selene Porcelain Mosaic
Floors � US Floors Almada Cork Pattern: Fila Color: Coco
Paint - BM Stone Hearth
Sink - Blanco 441024 Stellar Super Bowl Stainless Steel 28 X 18" (Ebay seller speedysinks)
Faucet - Delta Saville Stainless pulldown
Fridge - Whirlpool FD with fridge drawer
Stove - GE Cafe Series CGS985SETSS (5 burners, griddle plate, baking drawer)
UCL: Haefle strip LED

Before (a nicely staged pic from the listing when we bought, and a couple from how it really looked 99% of the time):

I never hated my corner sink. It afforded me prep space on either side of it in that tiny configuration. I think corners are ideal for some situations.

The junk collector counter!!

We never ate in it - didn't even put a table in there in 2.5 years. We eat in the dining room, which is one step away from the kitchen.

After (gosh I have a crappy camera!!):

Yes, I know the stools don't match. I got them used and cheap b/c I have a 6 and 4 year old. I will wait a few years to get nice stools! :)

That's not schmootz on the fridge cab side, just glare from the micro front...

I LOVE my granite - even the giant dark spot by the sink. We couldn't make the cuts work to eliminate it and it actually has some of my favorite sparkly bits.

Spots like this are iridescent at the right angle - especially at night with the UCL on! 'blue' backsplash...

View from the living room (which we use as our TV/gathering room so being open to this side of the house is perfect). I was concerned about eliminating a 'formal' dining room in a traditional home, so KD suggested leaving the bit of wall at the top - gave a visual separation cue, and saved us from figuring out how to handle the crown that was already in the DR!

Pantry KD suggested we turn sideways. 12" deep is great to see everything and not need to spend $$ on rollouts. Also makes a nice furniture look from DR view. We were going to make the side an access door, but I was trying to cut costs at the end and cut that. Don't miss it at all. I take half a step further and I'm around the corner at the actual doors. I also LOVE my fridge - that small drawer is perfect for produce/lunch/kid items. They can get their own stuff out and it's all I need to open when making lunches in the morning.

Another cost saving item - we had to nix the finished panels on the back of the peninsula. So KD ordered a couple flat trim pieces and we put them on. Seriously makes it look better, IMO - clearly not as nice as panels, but better than nothing.

My stained hood was debated on GW - some thought it would 'stick out like a sore thumb'. I thought it complimented the stained uppers above the fridge and pantry cab. I like it. I get lots of compliments on it, so I guess it works - for me at least! :)

View from front door:

Storage stuff:
I love my drawers - we have a huge snack drawer, an art supplies drawer, a tupperware drawer...heck, I even have a drawer solely for placemats and another for dishtowels! So much storage! BUT, for my items, I need a couple cabs. So now I sing the praises of 'mostly' drawers to people remodeling...
My pans/cutting boards, and even a shelf for a few of my often used serving dishes

I had my spices in the drawer next to my stove, but I couldn't access them as easily as I wanted - I've always had them in the upper cab right in front of my prep area and I just like it that way, I guess. And I didn't like my knife block on my counter b/c I kept hitting them on the cabs when I took them out and it was adding to counter clutter. So I bought a cheap knife holder at BBB, and one of these cheap spice holders. I like both very much.

I also took all my utensils except my always used tongs and wooden spoons off the counter and put them in my 'drawer in a drawer' to the r of my stove. Also it fits the grill items!! Love this (pyrex is under the DIAD, and pots/pans in next drawer down)!

My small command center - we got the phone and bill clutter in the cab and off the counter. Also a calendar, clip for each of the kids' 'important stuff', and the first stained drawer has all the other kid stuff in it (class lists, hair ties, glue sticks, pencils, etc). It's also my coffee/tea station as we have the mugs, coffee grinder and tea bags there. The fridge is just to the R so we can access the water. And I keep my K-cups in the white drawer.

And lastly, the KAW during Thanksgiving!

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