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Want to see granite, marble, or a marble sink? Many Pics & a ??

12 years ago

A little bit of activity going on at my house today :)

You might see a little gap here between the cabinet and the counter. That's OK, it isn't really there :) We had the cabinets pushed over a bit because we didn't use a seam here so this huge thing had to be slid in, and we didn't want to risk scratching the cabinets.


AND, not kitchen related but you guys helped pick the slabs, so here are the other rooms:

Upstairs laundry. This stone is AWESOME!

Guest bath (this isn't actually In the bath or placed yet because we haven't yet resolved our tile issues with that bath):

Master Bath. We are having issues here because the faucet is too tall- it will come up too high in front of the mirror and it will obstruct the TV that is inside the mirror. We tried to offset the faucet but the sink is too big. So, we either need to switch the sink or switch the faucet. Any thoughts on a good sink that might work?

The yellow ring isn't in the stone, it's just a piece of packaging:

This piece actually needs to be redone because the sink cut out was made in the center and it needs to be on the side. There's also going to be a matching backsplash. But, in the meantime...

We are VERY happy with our granite installers. We used Imperial Marble and Granite in Lester, PA. They gave us a great price, were very helpful, scheduled the install quickly for us, had a nice selection of stone and did a great job. There was one area where a miscommunication led to a sink cut-out being put in the wrong place (really my fault) and they are remarking it at no charge. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone around the PA area.

So, now we're done with Phase I of granite install. The blue bahia is next and then we're dong with granite :)

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