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HELP! (pics) Backsplash, hardware

15 years ago

I'm so desperately wanting to finish our kitchen.

As you can see we are making progress. The hood

has come along since these photos, but still not finished. Top priority now is this darn backsplash,

so frustrating.

The walls are painted BM's concord ivory (not ivory

at all). I like the color and it goes with the

cabinets, floors, granite & rest of the house.

I'm not even sure what my granite is & I've been

trying to figure that out with pictues (on-line).

When I picked my slabs they called it venetian gold light. Then the manager over the install said it

was not that it was one of the santa cecelias.

Anyways, I really don't have to have a name just

thought it would be nice to get backsplash help.

The granite has creams, a warm yellowish/golden

color, black, and marroon like filled in circle

shapes. I have all black fixtures, stools, faucet

in the room. I bought a black fireback (just like lynninnewmexico) for above the cooktop.

Originally I had envisioned a very simple creamy

colored travertine backsplash. I believe I have

seen this pictured so many times. Shopping for

tile all I can find for light travertine seems

to look too beige almost pink. It just doesn't

seem to match the granite at all. I tried a

"white" tile and that seemed even worse. For

something that should be so easy, I'm having a

nightmare finding something to go with this. I

really like seeing the yellow color, perhaps

could I do something with yellow? I rather

wanted it neutral, but just can't find a neutral

to look nice.

I have to use a backsplash to cover the awful mess

of crooked walls and a gap between the granite

& dry-wall.

The hood now has large corbels that touch the

counter and it has crown and a shelf, etc. My

camera is not available or I would post pictures

of the hood and the fireback.

Also, if you are still with me...any hardware

suggestions would be appreciated. I'm planning

all black and have found some of the top knobs

that I really like. My dilema is what to put

where. I'd like to mix things up, but not sure

where to do this (bail pulls, pulls, ring pulls,


If anyone can tackle this I would be forever

thankful. I'm open to all suggestions. Even a completely different direction for the backsplash!

Thank you:)



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