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Whoops, didn't mean to plan THIS much for kitchen reno

11 years ago

We're just under a year and a half out from a half-house remodel (a serious one that involved ripping off the top half of the house and putting it back on higher) so we're still dealing with the emotional and financial trauma from that. Sprucing up the working area of the kitchen (eating area was done 3 years ago) has been in the plans since we bought the house 10 years ago and we're finally recovered enough to start thinking that direction. It's not a gut, but a spruce up (new upper cabinets, refacing lowers, new counters and backsplash). We told ourselves, though, that we would save the money for this project in a special account and pay for everything in cash (well maybe not cash, but not charge anything we can't immediately pay off and not borrow any money). So we're saving, but I've been working on estimating the costs so I've been pricing out finishes, etc.

Until yesterday this was all very theoretical. And then the backsplash tile came. See, we both fell in love with the tile and feel of this kitchen that was featured in Coastal Living last year.

But I've been worried that when the time came I wouldn't be able to find tile like that. So I called up the tile company in Key West (mentioned in the article sources) that did the tile and had them send me a sheet of this mother of pearl tile so I'd know exactly what it was. It arrived yesterday and I about melted when I unpacked it. My husband saw it hanging on the wall and loved it.

I realize that it's probably a bad idea to START your kitchen design with the backsplash, but I'm pretty sure that's what we just did. Just have to find the quartz counters that work with it and the other existing elements in the room.

All of which is great (one thing I learned from our renovation is that it's best to have EVERY decision made before you even start), but it makes me want to say "Screw saving (we're about halfway to what I'm guessing the cost will be). We're doing this NOW."

In the interest of not keeping myself up at night I'm hereby not looking at any other backsplashes, no matter how pretty they may be! Must. Stay. On. Task.

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