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Looking for Your Opinion on Cabinet Door Choices

12 years ago

I'm a day away from ordering the cabinet doors and drawer fronts for my tiny galley kitchen renovation (I'm using Ikea boxes and paint-grade maple doors/drawers from Scherrs in white) and it's decision time!

I want glass in my upper cabinets along one wall, but I'm trying to decide between two different door/glass insert combinations:

Either style #490 with just glass (no muntin insert) or style #400 with a horizontal piece at 1/3 from the top of the total height and a vertical piece at the mid point.

I'm leaning toward the first - the #490 doors give a little twist to the basic shaker style and just a sheet of glass would be a lot easier to clean, but I keep looking at all the pretty kitchen pictures I've collected with muntined glass.

You can find both door styles here:

A challenge is that the doors (three of them) on one side of the sink will be 15 inches wide but the ones to the right of the sink (two of them) will be 18 inches wide, so if I go with muntins, the lites will be slightly different on either side. I thought about changing the ones on the right to 15", but I really need to squeeze out every inch cabinet space I possibly can.

I'm truly down to obsessing over the smallest details and they seem to be the hardest! :p

What would you do?

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