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New Kitchen Floor Plan, Can you look?

12 years ago

Ok, I have a layout 101 post and it is getting some good ideas. Below are photos of a house that is for sale, we will not be purchasing this one, but might use this floor plan.

Can you take a look at it for me? I don't have the dimensions, but I do know that the stove is 30".

That crazy door in the corner is some sort of pantry space, I was thinking that counters should just go around the room. I want to try and figure out how I could get a 48" or at least a 36" range in this kitchen. That doorway to the back hall seems to be in the wrong place.

I'm also a fan of the large fridges, I mean once you have 48" sxs it is hard to go back.

I am not committed to this floorplan, but it just had a lot of what we wanted. Reason we are not buying this one is due to road noise.

There is room for the island to be made larger. I think I want to do a prep sink on the island.

So can something like this work?

From the area between the kitchen and family room:

From that arched doorway to the back hallway

From the eating area/ sunroom/ morning room, etc.:


So, I'm staring at these photos, and I am wondering about something. This is hard to describe. But I will try.

Imagine that wall with the arched door to the back hallway being moved to the wall in the eating area, the wall that you see in the 3rd photo. Then could the sink area be an island and you would walk into the kitchen from that back hallway through the eating area, and then to the left of the sink (when facing the sink). That would somehow give me the big counter run for the larger range. The center island gets bigger with a prep sink for doing prep on. And then get rid of the corner pantry thing, do all counters, double ovens, large fridge and some sort of cabinets over there.

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