Your favorite warm off white paint color for the kitchen?

10 years ago

Cannot believe how much trouble I'm having trying to select a warm off white to pastel color for the kitchen and hall. There is one large wall that faces the window on the east side. Kitchen is well lit by day, MR16 halogen by night. Can't seem to find a color that looks good in all lighting conditions. My choices seem to be getting lighter and lighter as there is less color shift with the lighter colors. Frappe and Lighthouse Landing (BM) shifted dramatically and seemed to have an orange tendency near the ceiling. I looked at several F&B colors but none seemed to work. Now I'm looking at BM White Blush, Linen White, Deserted Island, Bare, Mayonnaise, (may-be too white) French White (may-be too grey). What off white colors do you like that are warm, stay fairly constant-- any brand-- as they can be matched in BM. May-be I should just get Pointing and be done with it -- everybody seems to love that!

Cabinets are gumwood (mid tone) and floors are brown and cream -- a problem in themselves as the cream color tiles also shift dramatically. There will not be a lot of wall space showing in the kitchen as we will have nine botanicals on the one large painted wall. Other than the botanicals the palette is all wood/cream/brown. It seems that many of the colors today have a gray or gray-sage tendency -- I love these colors (Opaline, Marble White, Niveous) but they don't work in my room.

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