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Acrylic Counters: Corian v Formica Solid Surface

9 years ago

Hi all--curious if there are any folks out there who have installed or can speak to the quality of the Formica Solid Surface product (NOT Formica Laminate).

We bought a 1960s house a few months ago intending a complete remodel. Remodel will give a contemporary update to the modern vibe of the home, consistent with the architecture and period of construction.

Originally I had intended to install white w/a fleck quartz surfaces because they are really beautiful and durable. However, the costs of our intended remodel are mounting and I'm looking for large places to cut a few thousand here, a few thousand there.

Bye bye high end quartz, enter Corian. I've settled on Glacier White Corian counters for our kitchen as the clean look is very modern and will compliment out dark cabinets nicely. I haven't gotten the courage to tell my mother yet who has disparaged the material for years--but I think it's pretty cool stuff and will look perfect in the house.

Now my question--the Formica company also makes a Solid Surface product called (not so cleverly) Formica Solid Surface. I have found the Glacier White knockoff at a incredible price of only $28 sq ft installed.

But I can't find a single review of the stuff (or any comparison of solid surfaces for that matter)--are all "Corians" created equal? Is there any distinction between these products other than the color palette?

PS--sorry, not mentioning granite as I'm definitely with the 'granite is over' crowd. I had granite in an old condo a decade ago. It was cold and broke wine glasses and needed resealing and easily absorbed anything. It was fine--It was 2004. Interestingly, kitchen people at our local IKEA are switching countertop companies and with it they are ditching granite. She told me they hardly sell any of it compared to sales of Corian and Quartz. Admittedly IKEA caters to a more modern taste, but I must say I'm not surprised. Solid surface is making a comeback perhaps, at least certain varieties

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