Countertop doesn't overhang on angled section

13 years ago

We are having our kitchen re-done. New cabinet bases were built and installed. The countertop template was made, countertop built and installed in June. Our cabinet builder finally put our cabinet doors on last week. The problem is that the countertop overhands all the doors/drawers by 1/2" everywhere except in the corner angled section where the sink is. In that section, the drawer front extends out past the countertop by at least 1/2". The countertop people say they have no idea what happened because they use a standard 1.25" overlap from the front edge of the base cabinet all around, so there shouldn't be any reason the angled section wouldn't do the same. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I have a picture of it that I could show if I knew how to include a picture. We put in a solid surface countertop - not corian, but LG brand. Help!

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