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Need help/advice on island and dining room seating & table

14 years ago

We're close to being finished with our kitchen remodel where we opened kitchen to DR (dining room) & LR (living room). We don't have counter stools for our island yet; temporary DR table is card table w/folding chairs (green sofa is also temporary). Please excuse clutter in picture below - I'd retake it, but the stools in the picture were on loan and have already been returned.

In our previous house the three of us always ate dinner at the peninsula counter rather than trekking into the DR, but in new open kitchen, dining area is so close we've found it pretty convenient to eat at small dining table just outside kitchen. Once we actually get island stools, I'm not sure whether we'll prefer island or DR.

My current plan is to get a counter height table with 24" counter stools to put in the DR. This way we could switch some of the stools back and forth between island depending upon how we're using our space. Ideally we'd keep 1-2 stools at island and 3-4 at DR table.

Here's what I'm looking for advice on:

1. Will this plan work or should I just get separate chairs for island and DR?

2. Is having a counter height DR table OK for guests? DW is concerned that guests may prefer a traditional height table.

3. The table & counter stools we like best so far seem perfect except the stools don't swivel (This is the taller stool in the picture). Is this a big deal or not really? We're thinking that besides being fun, swivel stools may mean less wear and tear on the wood floor.

4. What kind of table and chairs/stools would match best? We have light oak floor in LR & DR, Brazilian cherry floor w/walnut border in kitchen, ubutuba counters and natural maple cabinets.

Any and all help and advice appreciated!

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