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Undercounter beverage cooler - worth it?

13 years ago

Can anyone weigh in on their undercounter built-in beverage cooler (versus a true wine cooler)? In hindsight, is it...useful? Awesome? Great for kids/parties? Would you get one again?

I'm on a serious budget for my kitchen redo but might could eke out the $1000 for a 24" U-line beverage cooler if I don't go crazy on a $600 faucet and forgo the convection microwave. I have three kids, 3, 6, and 8 and it always seems like we have friends over and kids over. It seems really useful in theory.

The counter-depth fridge we'll be buying doesn't seem to hold a lot. We do have a small laundry room fridge that can hold drinks, but I hate the procession of guests to the messy laundry room for beverages!!

On the other hand, I'll probably be paying plenty to restock that cooler once the kids realize the easy access to juice boxes....


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