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Small Electric Fireplace on Carpet?

14 years ago


IÂm trying to work out a plan for my tiny living room and hoping someone here might help me. This seems more like an issue for the decorating forum rather than the fireplaces forum.

Here goes: IÂve got a small townhouse and am in the process of fixing a problem with the floor in my living room area. The room is small, half dining area and half living area. The dining area is tiled; the living area will be carpeted (canÂt do tile or hardwood because of my floor problem).

I found a small white electric fireplace for the living area, and while I know some folks think theyÂre tacky, my budget is very tight and IÂm actually kinda excited about it, as IÂve really missed having a fireplace --- it will also create a badly needed focal point for the room. What I canÂt figure out is whether to simply set it on the carpet or to build a small hearth or "plate" to set it on --- either from wood, stone or tile.

Assuming we can get past the issue of whether or not "fake fireplaces" look okay, do you think a fireplace would look funny sitting directly on my carpet? I canÂt find any photos on the web of a fireplace sitting directly on carpet. If IÂm going to create a "hearth" or plate of some sort, I have to decide before getting the carpet installed.

I appreciate any advice you might have for me.


Here's my fireplace:

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