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Kitchen layout for total remodel

9 years ago

Hi folks.
I am totally remodeling my 22-year old condo kitchen with new cabinets and appliances. Due to the many doorways I am basically using the previous layout. I am removing the soffits in order to have tall cabinets for more storage. Instead of a table I am planning a countertop height island which will have two stools. I am removing a wall so the cabinets will open on the other side (in the dining room). Kitchen A has regular depth base cabinets. Kitchen B is a layout with a deeper countertop on the kitchen-sink side made by moving the base cabinets forward. I plan to use 15 inch deep wall cabinets I would appreciate any comments on the layout. This is all new to me. Choosing the appliances was much easier than determining the cabinetry.

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