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I hate my kitchen and I dont even have it yet

14 years ago

UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I am so SO frusturated with this stupid kitchen. So I met with the builder to finish up drawing the kitchen (which was the two L's) and he says to me, "Trish, I think your kitchen is getting too expensive". He thinks we need to try something more economical. Yes, we dont have a huge budget on this thing. I am willing to go over the allowance some, but not a ton. So we looked at a few other options, and he GAVE me his pricing books for the cabinet company. He was going away for the weekend and said I could have the books to study and see what I wanted to do, where we were pricewise, etc. He pays 27% of the price listed in the book. Where do they even get these retail prices? People cant HONESTLY pay these. Its showing like 2700-3700 for a Double Wall Oven cabinet??? HUH? Quoting it out, I think the two L's would be 3-5K over budget. I would like to get below that if possible.

Anyways, I went to Lowe's to get a quote and layout from the KD there. Havent gotten that yet. Then I went to this local cabinet place, Amish built. I love this place. The man there was so friendly and helpful. I really want to give them my business. Not to mention they have INSET cabinets that I want. ETC ETC.... He's working on a design as well.

So here I am again with 2 new layouts...

Kind of put this together from MargieB's kitchen. Things I dont like.... sink and cooktop face walls, oh boy. Im not sure what to do with the base cabinets beside the REF. I could make it a desk? Or just extra storage? Good thing is I dont need a prep sink. I could put pretty glass front uppers around the sink for dishes. This also brings in the peninsula a foot or so from the previous plan so it isnt as invasive into the dining area ;)

Next plan. Here is a photo I found from the cabinet company I want to use. It was the inspiration for this layout, mixed with Bmore's big island plan. I think it looks pretty nice and roomy. It kind of protects the cooking area with the little L. Lots of space in the walkways. The thing Im not sure about is the main sink in the island. If its wide enough, maybe its not a big deal? This wouldnt invade the dining area either. Nice spot for dish storage, which is also convenient to dinng area. I wasnt sure where to put the prep sink, could be a better place for that. Is the island too far away from the cooktop? What would you change?

Inspiration photos..

Thanks in advance for your help.....AGAIN :)

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