Kitchen isn't even gutted yet and I have my first major problem..

13 years ago

I am redoing the kitchen and adjacent mudroom. Kitchen cabs are cherry shaker deWils; mudroom cabinets are to be made onsite by a custom cabinet maker my GC works with frequently. I didn't buy deWils cabinets for the mudroom because the lockers looked like what they were...cabinets without doors. That wasn't the look I was going for, plus they were extremely expensive. So this custom guy was going to be able to match the style and stain to make the whole thing work.

So here we are...weeks from him delivering the cabinets, and he has flaked out and essentially dropped off the face of the earth. He is overcommitted and can't deliver on 7 projects for my GC alone.

So now...we look for someone else who can do frameless full overlay cabinets and feel confident to match the deWils ones! That is no small order! My GC is confident that we'll get it figured out, and most likely all that will suffer is the schedule. I hope so, and I trust him...but still I worry.

I feel bad about the cabinet guy. He's obviously suffering and I'm sorry for him.

I hope it all works out...


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