Should I even bother with a box for my BB if I have HOSP around?

Kaitlyn Hawkins
5 years ago

Hi. I have recently had about 3 blue birds hanging around eating out of my feeders. I live in Indiana and it's winter, so I'm surprised they are still this far north. Since they keep coming back, I thought I'd get a blue bird house so they can use it to stay warm if they need to. I'm hoping they will possibly make a nest this spring and putting up a feeder with meal worms for them.
However, we have a TON of house sparrows that I can't get rid of (I basically live in the city). I stopped buying seed that attract them and have stuck with sunflower seeds and peanut chips, but they aren't going anywhere. Especially when other feeders in the neighborhood attract them (I live in one of those neighborhoods where the houses are basically built on top of one another).
My question is, should I even put up this bluebird house, or am I just setting them up to be tormented and/ or killed by HOSP if they use it? I glanced on the Sialis site and saw the Sparrow Spookers, but says to put them up AFTER the first BB egg is laid. Is this because the HOSP will get used to it and start coming around again, or is this because the Sparrow Spooker will repel the Bluebirds from using the box if eggs aren't laid yet? Since it's not time to nest yet, should I just put up some fishing line so the HOSP don't use the box? So excited to have them around, but don't want to set them up to "fail" with the terrible HOSP around.

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