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Brazilian Cherry Floors installed & painting completed 09-11-09

14 years ago

I planned to stay in today nursing my painful right leg and foot and swollen ankle and getting some invoices out but I knew I promised you pictures so I took out the time necessary to download the pictures into MyPhotoAlbum and to send them to all of you to view.

I love having hardwood floors since they are so much easier to keep clean in my home office than the beige wall-to-wall carpet that was never getting clean (20 years old) due to the rust that formed underneath (when the file cabinets were removed, I finally found out why the smell would not go away even when I had the carpets steamed cleaned every 3 weeks). This floor cost me two months of hardly getting any work done due to having to rent a POD, move all the furniture out of the three rooms (the home office furniture was the worst to move), pay a lot of people to help me (came to way more money than I budgeted), seal areas of the concrete floor and smooth it out where there was wide and long cracks, order more wood when I ran out, interview to find a painter and new installer to finish the job since I was very unhappy with the first installer, pay for new baseboard trim, pay to have the phone lines rewired since they all got messed up when the baseboard trim was removed, pay a lot again to move the furniture back into the rooms especially the huge file cabinets, pay to have the files placed back into the file cabinets, etc.

I decided to leave two 5-drawer 42 inch wide putty file cabinets in the garage which I am finding out to be not convenient but I like the look of my home office so much better with less file cabinets in it. I also rearranged the three rooms that had the Brazilian Cherry Floors to make my rooms more cozy and appealing to my eyes and allowing more of the floor to show.

I should have cleaned the floors first and turned off the dehumidifiers that were running before I took the pictures but I did not realize this until I saw the pictures. I then cleaned the floors and were amazed at how dusty they were. They get dusty and dirty so quickly. But at least I can see the dust to clean rather than have it build up in the carpets that were always bothering my allergies. Office equipment always running really creates a lot of dust and my little dogs (that do not shed) walking all over the floor helps add to how dirty they get so quickly. But they are so easy to clean with a micro-fiber mop.

I am open to any decorating suggestions. I do know I need some pictures on the walls so I am open to suggestions also about this.

Please click each picture to read the title and see the picture bigger. There is also a slide show but somehow I could not view it. The pictures have date stamps on them to show the date I took the pictures since that is how my more than 5 years old Sony digital camera works. I love how easy my camera is to use.

I will post this on both the flooring forum and the decorating forum so everyone that helped me can see the pictures. I could not wait to share them but had so many deadlines to complete and it takes me so long to download pictures and label them to post on a forum versus it is so much quicker for me to email pictures to friends. But I am so happy I was able to share before the year ends.

Thank you all for being there for me during my decision of my floor choice, my floor width, the paint colors, and just being there to hold my hand.

Here is a link that might be useful: BR-111 Engineered Triangulo 5 Inch Brazilian Cherry Floors Installed & Painting Done by 9-11-09

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