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It's party time and the house is all dressed up! Lots of pics :-)

16 years ago

We're hosting my husband's hospital dept Christmas party tonight. We moved into this house in January so it's our first Christmas here. I'm so excited and proud to be having guests and I owe a LOT of it to all of you. Nothing is ever "perfect" and that's why we all keep hanging out here and enjoy the constant tweaking of our homes, but thanks to all the help here I've reached a place where I can sit back and smile :-) It's been a difficult week with some family illness, a cortisone shot in my foot so I could keep going, and the unexpected death of a very good friend's husband. Things like that help you keep your perspective on life, but having a home I feel good in makes it all easier. Many of these pics will look familiar but I wanted to share how the house looks today all dressed up for the party. The dining room table is waiting to be loaded up with the catered food so that's why it's a little empty still. I have 5 more hours and I'm sitting down to rest until the fun begins. The family parties start next weekend so now I'm good to go for that too. This worked out great. Since it is DH's work party he was very willing to scrub and dust and anything else I put on the list. I may tell him it's ok to volunteer again next year...LOL. Merry Christmas everyone!

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