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Places to order Rohl/Shaw sinks.

14 years ago

I read that someone got a good deal from Home & Stone on a Shaw sink. I found the website for Ira Woods in Owensboro, KY & they have very good prices also. No tax outside of KY & free shipping. They are also having a sale with 5% off lots of items. Unfortunately not Shaw. I live close enough that we actually went to the showroom & were treated very nicely.

Someone else asked about Ferguson's. I have a local store & had been there previously. They offered me a price lower than the other prices I had.

I mentioned to the KD that I had found better pricing & he said to let him call & see what he could do.

I remember that someone else had a good places to check. Does anyone remember where that was?

I am not connected to these businesses in any way. Hope it was OK to post the names. Just trying to help with cost--every penny helps these days for us!

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