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Backsplash accent behind raised back range-pics?

12 years ago

Yes, I think we've finally moved out of backsplash purgatory.

We've chosen a field tile that doesn't try to steal the show from the soapstone (although the sample box we got had a flaw on every single tile-an omen? hmmmm) and after (too) much deliberation we decided on a pattern for the accent that is a mix of 1'' x 1'' Oceanside Tessara glass tiles and 1/2 '' x 1/2'' Oceanside Facets glass tiles. However-we have a GE range and OTR microwave, both of which were only 2 years old so I couldn't justify replacing them, and the range has the raised back for the controls. The way we have the tile and accent designed, the accent strip will go behind the raised part of the range, but near the top, so it's not completely above it or completely behind it, and I just don't know how that will look, even with a mock-up.

Ideas? Suggestions? Pictures of your (or other's) backsplash going behind the range? I did spend a large part of my morning looking at the FK blog and the finished backsplashes, but I didn't find any that showed something similar to our proposed set-up. (perhaps there is a reason for that)



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