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Tell me how to finish my counter/backsplash!

13 years ago

Alright. I haven't done a thing to finish my kitchen in almost a year. I have no backsplash behind my cooktop, I have no window sills on my two windows, and I have a large section of counter topped with linoleum remnants which really should be padding my drawers.

The original plan: slab marble. Problem: anything up against the hood will trap it there for eternity. Oops. But hey--it's been working for a year. Who cares? If I eventually have to replace the hood I'll just saw out the front of the cabinets. There. Done.

Old pictures because everything is grubby now...

I need a big slab here for baking center (there's even more junk on it now....):

Do I make the edge the same as the adjacent counter? Squarish? Do I have it sticking out the same distance? Have the overhang also wrap around the neighboring cabinet?

Yes, that probably IS a banana peel.

More slab here behind stove. One fabricator said they would have to cut the slab to get it in this hole. I really wouldn't want a seam. My kitchen is too small for seams. If I go with a white marble I could probably find a similar tile to work into it to avoid a seam, but really, don'tcha think this could be seamless? Or, got any tile style design suggestions? Something better than pink Corian rectangles? (It's been a year--they're gettin' dirty!)

Annnd one last question. There is a 4" brushed stainless splash on the sink wall. The window over the sink is supposed to get a marble sill. Painted wood would be OK too, now that I think about it, except I'm getting too much splashing. How goofy would it be to have an apron on the stone sill go down to meet the 4" metal 'splash? It's a 5" gap, and wouldn't be weird except that there is the metal strip below it. Or, if I use matching tile elsewhere, I could tile the spot, but then I might have to tile the whole sink wall backsplash but maybe I should anyway.

Blah. Can someone just come finish my kitchen for me before it's ready to be replaced? Thanks!

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