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Has anyone bought Chromecraft furniture? (Dinettes)

11 years ago

I know buying on CL is like looking for Mr. Right, and while I don't mind kissing the frogs, driving over 100 miles each time to find out there are too many warts is getting old. I have been looking for chairs for my game table. I have a pretty specific wish list: swivel, casters, upholstered, oak, no metal. They are few & far between on CL. But there was a set posted this weekend, and as usual, north of Dallas. I emailed back & forth with the lady and asked all the right questions, does the fabric have any tears, do the chairs have any broken parts, has anything been repaired, any problems at all? Nope, other than the upholstery could use a cleaning.

Dh is tired of looking so I drove the beastmobile the 53 miles up there by myself only to find that the bolts were falling out of the chair base, probably all stripped, and one chair had something wrong with it. When I sat in it and leaned back, it leaned way back and off to the side. It might be fixable, but who knows. I couldn't tell by looking what was wrong with it. And the chairs needed to be reupholstered. So I called dh, told him the condition, and asked if he wanted to do any repairs.

He said I might as well buy new ones if they required that. Since there is a really big furniture store along the route home, I stopped to see if they had anything. They did, and the brand is Chromecraft, and the price is about $300 per chair.

I haven't done a search for any problems with them yet, thought I'd start with you all.

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