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Tiling backsplash.... will tiling only the lower half look silly?

Did anyone tile their backsplash and not fill the whole area with tile?

I have the standard space between counter and uppers, about 18". I'm going to be tiling the backsplash (there is nothing there now). My plan was to have 2 rows of subway tiles, then a one inch strip of glass mosaic, then another row of subways. That last row will be bullnose tiles, to end the tiling. I didn't want to fill the entire area between counter and upper cabs with the tile, but I don't want to do something that will look odd.

The house is older and the entire kitchen isn't getting redone, so I don't want too much interest coming from lots of new tiles. The other issue is I do not have a window over my sink, so there is a lot of wall space there. I've considered doing a tile mural there or some sort of tile inset to fill the space in a coordinating way, and then also do the same to the area above my stove. The problem is my stove has a control panel on it, and I do not want to put the scene above that, when eventually it will be replaced with a flat cooktop. Then the inset will not be centered anymore (I'm trying to think ahead!) The other issue is I don't want that big wall above the sink (there is no upper cabs there) to look too weighty with so much tile.

So my question is will it look ok to just do the height of 3 subway tiles plus a mosaic strip of 1"? The tiles are not a solid color, they are a smooth stone look.

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