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How much space does your blind corner unit leave empty in back?

13 years ago

We have one blind corner in our kitchen, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. (We can't switch it to a susan b/c of space constraints.) We've looked at ten gazillion types of units, and the one I'm most taken with is the Omega KitchenMate Blind Corner Caddy, which is a newish system that seems to be vaguely similar to Arlosmom's DIY drawer pullouts.

BUT---this is made for a 36" cabinet. We have 45" to work with, and I'm wondering if it makes any sense to just save some money by getting a 36" cabinet, pulling it 9" out from the wall, and using this unit in it. This means the back 9" of the corner would be true dead space, though.

This got me wondering: how much of that space would effectively be dead space anyway, if I had a 45" cabinet with another type of pullout unit? None of them seem perfectly sized for our situation, so it's tricky to tell. Constraints are that we want to use an 18" door, and we need a drawer above, which rules out some of the blind corner units. Still in play are half moon pullouts (e.g., Rev-a-Shelf), the Lee Valley pullout (not super excited about this as the one we looked at was all finicky, but I know some people like them a lot), and a traditional fixed shelf (which clearly would use all the space, but would be less accessible). (Hafele units are too expensive, and not quite the right size anyway.)

Are there good units that could pick up that space, or am I likely to get just as much useful storage with the 36" cabinet? Would love any thoughts/feedback based on your experiences with these or other blind corner units--thanks!

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