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Let's see your honed granite or soapstone countertops! Help!

14 years ago

After reading GW, I thought I was set on a dark grey soapstone countertop with heavy white veining. But now realtors are telling me honed granite is quickly becoming standard on higher end homes and I should use that. I can't seem to find a showroom in Chicago featuring either. I can't pick based on a tiny sample. I plan on staying in my house for many years. I would love to see photos of your kitchen (especially if it's white) with either honed granite or soapstone countertops. What happens to soapstone if you spill red wine on it? Does it wipe off with a sponge and soap? Any idea if, over time, soapstone wear wear into uneven wells or dips in areas of heavy usage? I'm on a budget and soapstone is about $1500-2000 more than granite. Not sure what to do. I'm on the northside of Chicago. Anybody want to volunteer showing me their fabulous kitchen in person? One weird thing: I went to Merch Mart to a fancy cabinet place and their designer told me one of her clients installed soapstone and it was a disaster because of horrible scratches and staining. I told her that was odd because it's supposed to be inert and shouldn't stain. I"m inclined to think she doesn't know what she's talking about, even though she's a designer at a high end shop. Frustrated.

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