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pics of 'flush to the wall' fireplace with built-in cabs?

15 years ago

Although I hate the word "lurker", that's what I am! Almost every question I've ever had about decorating has been covered on these wonderful forums. Except this one: does anyone have a fireplace that is flush against the wall with surrounding cabinetry? If so, would you be so kind as to post a picture? The pic below (my family room) is to give you an idea of what the wall looks like--ignore the mismatched candles, the stark white of the unfinished surround, etc.

I have googled and searched gardenweb and have only come up with one picture, which would not work for us. We really need to envision this before proceeding. The other option would be to buy free standing accent type cabinets. The problem with that option is that the fireplace surround will be white, and although I would consider white built ins, I don't think I want white accent cabs. I would appreciate any suggestions or pics of your flush fireplace walls.


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