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vitoria regia granite--please talk me down

11 years ago

I just visited a stone yard and saw this. Some on this forum say you will know and fall in love with the stone the minute you see it. I felt this way when I saw this slab of stone. I kept trying to focus on other stones but this kept drawing me back. I lost my focus. It was love at first sight. I forgot some of the other options I was hoping to consider.

Here is the stone. It's a satin, honed finish (one of my priorities)


Getting back home I looked at the pictures I took. I also did a search for the stone and possible samples of kitchens with little success. It looks way less impressive in the pictures. Is it too busy? Will it overwhelm a small kitchen?

I have a small galley kitchen: about 8.5 x 10 in a small bungalow style house that is only 820 sqft. All hardwood floors, french windows.

I had planned on white cabinets, hardwood floor and soapstone counters with subway tile backsplash and gray grout. The second option was white cabinets top, gray green bottom, hardwood floor, gray/white granite (veins no speckles) and white subway tiles with gray grout. And a white farmhouse sink for both.

The big issue is visualizing how this very dominant stone will work in the space. Please be honest. Tell me what you think. I won't take it personal. I know I'm the only one that can truly decide, but I want to make sure my love for the stone is not overshadowed by the visual overall impact of my kitchen. I don't want a boring kitchen, but I don't want a countertop that will overwhelm the space. FYI my love for green (all hues other than kelly and aqua) has been a constant for the last 30 years--so not too concerned I will get tired of the color. Only concerned that the pattern might be too strong for the space.

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