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Ikea kitchen planning software now available for Macs!

13 years ago

Great news for us Mac users out there: Ikea has just made their kitchen planning software available for the Mac!! Check out their website - you download a plugin and you are all set. It is web-based and you need Leopard and the latest versions of Safari or Firefox.

It does everything that the in-store planner does (with that annoying 'snap in' feature) and it also lets you select flooring, backsplash, wall colour and even the view from the windows (garden or city lights?). There are a few bugs (some appliances and dining tables and chairs come up as options but then don't select) but the basic cabinet planning part all seems to work well. The 'snap in' feature is annoying, though, and might cause problems in a tight layout because it doesn't let you set small distances for clearances. Or at least if you can I haven't figured it out yet. I guess you could use a filler strip as a substitute, but sometimes I couldn't even find the filler strip in the layout once I selected it: they are virtually invisible and the software often drops it into a spot next to a cabinet edge so you can't see it. I'd end up with filler strips in odd places which I only found when I couldn't move a cab into a particular spot. So I'd advise people to allow for those small clearances in their own measurements and not rely totally on the software measurements to lay out everything precisely.