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Faucet(s) For large Vintage Style Sinks

11 years ago

One of my most cherished treasures is the Kohler Harborview sink my husband bought for me, for the house we are building. I had an earlier post (from which I received very valuable and helpful advice) about using this sink in my kitchen.

This sink is available with a one hole and three holes for a single faucet, or four hole drillings for two faucets. My husband bought me the three hole for a single faucet.

My question is this.....will one centered faucet give enough coverage in this sink? This sink is 4 feet long by 28 inches in width(front to back). It's huge, which is what I like about it.

I'm hoping there is a suitable faucet available so we don't have to exchange this sink. It weighs a ton. If I can get a good amount of coverage in the sink with one faucet, well that would be great. On the other hand, I don't want a life time of annoyance because two faucets would have worked out better.


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