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Help! Please suggest a countertop!

10 years ago

Ok... this belongs in bathrooms but there is so much more traffic here, and I really need to make a decision quickly, so I'm coming to you for help.

I'm wide open to suggestions for a guest bathroom vanity countertop. Master will have carrara but that doesn't feel quite right for this bathroom. I'm open to a marble but something that has tan/beige tones (but *not* gold) as well as gray maybe? I don't know my marbles well. Or, do you think carrara is fine? Then it will have same top as master. Someone has suggested Crema Marfil.

Floor is the plain gray (on the left), shower will have the "silk" (bottom right) field tile running vertically alternating with the glass tile also running vertically. The glass will be the same maker/color, but I will be using the linear not the mosaic. There is a shower/tub combo in this bath - not a separate shower and tub. Cabs will be expresso.




Help? What would you suggest for a countertop?

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