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I need help finding a fridge the right height for my opening.

14 years ago

I posted on Appliances, too, but I tend to get responses here and not there.

I have a refrigerator opening that is just a hair taller than 69". Most fridges are a little taller than that to the top of the hinge. I looked all over town today and found nothing that would fit without redoing the cabinet. Online I found 3 options but I'm afraid to order them without verifying the height many times over because I've seen several instances when the specs have been wrong. I don't have any margin for error here.

If you have one of the following fridges could you verify the height to top of hinge for me? Also look at where your leveling feet are set -- how high off the ground are they?

Models I found with height 69" or less:

Whirlpool Gold, GC3JHAXT, GC3PHEXN, GC3SHexn, gc5shexn, gc5thexn

LG LSC21943st

Kitchenaid KSCS23FT

Any help would be appreciated.


(PS - this is for my recently completed media room addition. I *stupidly* based the refrigerator cabinet on my existing kitchen fridge dimensions thinking I would move that up there. Long story short, the kitchen fridge isn't going up and I am now realizing that I should have researched sizes and made the cab opening bigger. I will not make that same mistake in the kitchen!!)

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