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Advice on Flooring: White Cabinets and Kashmir White Counters

12 years ago


I have been reading many of the posts on this forum and have found them very helpful. We are renovating our kitchen and plan on putting in white kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and kashmir white granite. We currently have a whitish ceramic tile on the floor that we will be replacing. Our kitchen flooring will butt up against our hardwood in the livingroom/diningroom (open concept), which is a dark walnut/cherry colour.

We're having trouble coming up with flooring ideas. We want to do tile since matching the wood floor will be near impossible. We are thinking something on the darker side to contrast the light cabinets. Any suggestion?

Also, we are open to other light granite options. We had initially though we would do a honed black granite but have read about the difficulties in maintenance (we have a young family). We're also installing an Ikea kitchen and Kashmir White seems to be the lightest of selections they have. I have read about some of the other granites that people are choosing - white river, white princess - both of which don't seem to be available where we live (Toronto, Canada).

Thanks for any advice.

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