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What color do I put on each area of my soffit, trim & ceiling?

12 years ago


We still have a long way to go in our masterbath reno but before the tub is installed next week, we're going to have our painter caulk and put at least the first coat on all of the areas around the tub. The primer on the walls was tinted with SW Kilim Beige and so far it looks like that will be our wall color choice.

After the tub is installed, the raised ledges on either end of the tub will be constructed and topped with granite. Between the front edge of each of these ledges and the flat portion of the soffit above, will be Tuscan columns. In the initial rendering from our designer, the entire area of the ceiling, crown molding, soffit and columns was all white. I'd like to highlight the decorative features of the room by having some variation of paint colors but I don't know how best to achieve this. My husband feels that the vertical surfaces should be painted in the wall color and all of the horizontal surface should be white/ceiling color.

Do you have any advice as to which areas should be painted light, lighter and lightest? Assuming that we're using Kilim Beige, would you stay on the same paint strip or do you have any other suggestions?

I'm also hoping for some advice on window treatments but I'll post that in another thread.


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