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At my wit's end over dog hair on the sofa

12 years ago

I loved the sofa when I bought it about 7 years ago. Sofabed with a navy blue chenille-like fabric.

A few years later, in walks my first puppy (a gray-haired terrier). She sat on the sofa a few times but liked being on the wood floor much better. So there was only a little bit of fur on the sofa and the skirt.

She's gone now, and I have a second pup, a terrier who's a mix of colors--a little more blonde mixed with gray. And she's forever resting on the couch next to me. I love her, I love snuggling next to her, I love giving her belly rubs and full-body massages and scratches, so I know I'm adding to the amount of fur that gets left on the sofa.

The chenille kind of traps that fur--it's hard to remove. A vacuum attachment works, with a few repeats. Those Pledge pet-fur rollers, not all that much better.

I put a blanket down on her side. Quickly realized that microfleece traps the fur, too, and too much remains on the blanket after I wash it.

I'm hesitant to buy a slipcover: The shape of the queen-size sofa is more modern, with the arms and back making a C shape--that is, the arms are as high as the back, like one continuous piece. The slipcovers I have seen (and one I've purchased for the sofa in the basement) seem to have shaped rounded arms, not just the tops, but the whole arm profile.

What are some options? The dog blankets at Bed Bath & Beyond that say they won't collect fur are microfleece, so I know that claim is wrong.

I've been looking for Vellux blankets but haven't found one I like. I don't really want to throw a sheet over the sofa, because it's in the living room (which you see right when you walk into my home) and it'll look cheesy, and I don't want that look when my neighbors pop in!

(Of course, the pup has full custody of the sofa now!)

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