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Help with family room decor- lots of pics!

13 years ago

I am unhappy with our family room. I can't exactly put my finger on it... but the room doesn't look "together" to me. I would love some suggestions.

This room is our only family room on our main floor. As you can see, it is not open to any other room in the house. We do entertain, and when we're not outside or in the kitchen, we are in this room... often with kids. We have been in this house for 3 years... most everything in the room was purchased 3 years ago and I'm not looking to replace it. I *am* looking for a new coffee table, side table, and lamp. I am also dying to put something above the sofa- have no clue what...

I do have a two year old daughter. I am looking for a coffee table with some sort of storage for my daughter's toys.. I am thinking wood, cherry since the entertainment center and floors are cherry. Or is that too much wood? I sometimes joke that my house is where wood came to die (wood floors all over the first floor... oak cabinets in kitchen, wood dining set etc etc etc.) Also- I feel that the coffee table needs to be rectangular- and it would go in front of the sofa- right? (sorry- I feel like I'm over thinking this.)

Anyway, I would love some outside perspective! What would YOU do to this room?

View from foyer:

In the room

Entertainment center (with fall decor) This cannot be moved.

Wall with sofa. I hate this wall. I need something above the sofa... a new side table, and a new lamp. But I don't even know what to look for for the space.

another view of hated wall.... from loft above. It shows how big this wall is. What on earth should I put there???

Finally- a view of the entire room from loft above.

I'm thinking I should pull the rug so that it is under the sofa- wdyt?

Thank you so much for your thoughts! I'm anxious for this room to look "completed" and "together."

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