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need advice on fireplace surround

10 years ago

DH and I are new to home decorating and looking for advice! We just bought a house are trying to set up an entertainment around the fireplace. We have an open living/dining room which is long and thin (roughly 11' x 30') , which I'm finding frustrating for several reasons.....but for now I'll just pose my question about our fireplace. DH was very keen on getting these Ikea cabinets with remote friendly glass to flank the fireplace. They are nice, but now that they are in place, they seem to stick out into the room too much. Also, because they partially block the view of one the one of windows in the alcove, they just dont feel like a good fit (see uploaded photos.....if I upload properly!).

Cabinet depth with doors is 16.5". It will be tough to cut down on depth much more b/c of the media equipment. Unfortunately, we don't have the funds to have somebody build custom cabinetry. Any words of wisdom looking at these photos? Do people agree the cabinets seem too big?

Thanks in advance!

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