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Stepson want to move back

17 years ago

My husband's 18YO son wants to move back in January. He has only lived with his mom for 6 months. My husband is thrilled, me - stressing big time.

Here's the real problem...his son is a caring and nice enough person, but we've really never clicked. I'm not comfortable with him. Most of the same stuff others have said - ignores me, messy, yada-yada. With all 4 of the kids out of the house (finally), it's been heaven having the house to ourselves! Love when they visit - love when they leave.

We're in our 50's, and we've been married 3 years. We've all dealt with enough stuff to last a lifetime and this should be a piece of cake, but it's not.

Bottom line - has anyone worked out a successful compromise when a stepchild wants to come back and one partner is really unhappy about it?

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