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What should we do with basement remodel?

16 years ago

Hi All,,

present;ly remodeling our basemnet of raised ranch. half of the wal is below grade, and other half above grade. All the sheetrock is off, so exposed walls.

I have all of my receptacles all roughed in on the lower wall,,,,now,, we are not sure in the future, where we might put stuff,, for instance, maybe hang a flat screen tv on the upper wall,, so in esssence it would be nice to have a plug nearby on the upper wall...

We are not even sure we would need it,,, just in case..

What do you advise we do now, on the upper wall, to make running wire through the studs easier etc. I know we can run the wire throughout the upper part of the wall just dont connect to anytthing,, so we have it already in place..

Are there any other options or methods.

Thanks a bunch


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