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I realy dislike my my step child, may even hate him at times.

17 years ago

Hello I am new here.

I read some post on this site and I think I can be very honest here about how I feel about my stepson.

Well, longs story short, I have been with my fiancgoing on 5 years, living with him going on 3 years and I have my own son from a different relationship, my fiancé has been a father to him since he was 3.

Anyhow, You know that saying that people say "You donÂt really know someone until you live with them" ITS 100% True. Before we lived with my fiancé and his son everything was great until he moved in. Before his stepson was a doll, I liked being around him we had a lot of fun together.

Now he is a little monsters, he is 10 year old, he is lazy, does not want to do the two little chores that he split with my 8 year old son, one does Sat the other is Wed, which is just to completely clean there rooms and clean the bathroom thatÂs all. They are to keep there room neat on a regular. However my step son is a complete slob, his room is so messy most of the times, I have to always get on him for that, his father tells him to clean it but does not enforce it. Besides being lazy, he is disrespectful, I am always fighting with him and his father about that, he wants what ever my son has. THIS is the One thing that puts me over the top, everything my son has he wants, someone give my son something he wants it too, even if they gave him something too he still wants what my son has. Ex: my son gets a Spiderman toy, he gets a Hulk Toy, he wants to get that toy too, another one is my step son has a bunch of eraser, big, small, long, I buy my son a pen eraser my stepson tells me can you buy me one tooÂ.I ask Why do you want me to by you this eraser when you have so many, he said because I donÂt have that one.

This little boy makes me so irritated, puts me in a bad moodÂ.and I have him from Sunday  Friday, when they first moved in it was Monday  Thursday and that I could live withÂI really hate having him all theses days now. He gets along with my son but he goes through these mood swingsÂ.where one minute he is playing around and the next he is hitting my son with all his might. I try to make my best effort to do something on the one day that I have my son to myself and this kid is always so jealous about itÂ..I really can not stand him, especially when I have to be alone with him with out his dad, he thinks that he does not have to listen to me, and them I feel like the bad guy because I have to punish him, or tell his dad.

We go on vacation, we all have funÂbut when we are home I really resent him. And all his father says to me is well if he was your real son then you will deal with himÂI told him if he was my real son he would not be the way he is with me, because he would have gotten it along time agoÂ..and the fact is he is not my son. I deal with himÂbut everything he does bothers me, everything.

Is this normal to hate your stepchild? To hate being a stepmomÂbecause his mother is an ass$#$%# who does not put any money into her son and anytime in his school workÂI deal with school issues, school, teachers, homeworkÂs and moreÂ.so yes I have all the responsibilities of a mom and mom powerÂ.and all this makes me dislike him even more.

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