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Babysitter at wedding reception?

14 years ago

We got married three weeks ago in the Bahamas (kids in tow, in case anyone remembers our struggle with that! It was a wonderful trip.) and are planning a reception for New Years Eve. We are expecting about 12 children between the ages of 3-10, and want to provide child care in two adjoining hotel rooms down the hall from the reception. One for sleeping and quiet time (as it is New Years Eve and will get late), the other for games and such.

However, we are having our first married disagreement on the logistics of this. My husband actually requested that I post this and ask for your opinions!

I'd like to have the children be present for dinner, cake, and a couple dances. Then have parents sign them in with the sitters (we are using a couple of neighborhood college students who have sat before) for the remainder of the evening. If the older kids want to come back in and dance for a bit, one of the sitters can escort them. Otherwise all kids will be expected to use the provided child care. I'm picturing our reception as more of an adult New Year party, and don't plan on playing YMCA or the chicken dance. :)

DH thinks parents should be able to sign kids in and out of the child care, to bring into the reception at their leisure. He also doesn't think we should expect all parents to use the child care.

I think, if we are providing it it, guests should be expected to use it. Is this insensitive? I'm also afraid allowing parents to sign kids in and out creates a logistical problem for the sitters to keep track of.

I know that many of our friends have receptions that don't invite children at all, so is it insensitive to expect guests to use it?

We are having the reception at a hotel half way in between both of our home towns, so most people will be traveling to get there, and booking a room for the night.

What do you think?

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