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Waaaaay over my head with window install... gaping hole... help!

14 years ago

Hi folks...

Us stupid DIYers decided to add another window to our 1914 bungalow this weekend where an old door used to be. The window is wider than the door was, so we have to fill in the hole underneath the new window, and cut out some of the siding etc. to fit the new width of the window.

The house is framed with 2x4, so we built our window frame with 2x4s, cut the hole, framed it, and popped the window in. However, we have NO IDEA what to do next to ensure our window doesn't leak.

The first layer of siding is stucco, under which is a layer of chicken wire, which is nailed and completely fused onto some 7/16" particle board. Underneath that we have two layers of tongue and groove 1x12s, mounted on to the 2x4 framing. There's pictures of the cross section of my disaster at the link below.

I was originally planning to just remove 6" or so of stucco from around the window, assumed I would find tar paper (felt paper) underneath, overlap my new tar paper, restucco it, and call it a day. However, the stucco is absolutely fused to the particle board underneath, and I can't find a single layer of tar paper anywhere, not on any of the old layers. (Yet the house is very dry).

How the heck to we keep the water out? We live in a very wet west coast climate (Victoria BC).

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of my disaster

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