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I'm tired of my Ex and his drama llama

11 years ago

For those of you who don't know my situation, read more of my older posts before jumping on me....


This is just a vent. I don't have any plans of filing contempt or even contacting my attorney... He just took the last $7k I had saved up and I still owe $4k to make a final bill of $47k!!!

I'm done paying for this... I'll just pay my therapist and come here to vent!

So school has started (going on week 4) and here is my list:

1. Dd has gone to Dad's twice out of 4 possible visits

2. Dd has not taken a shower on the two week nights she has gone

3. Dd left her library book on week one at his house which was due back this week. They can't find it and he won't respond to my email asking about it.

4. Paperwork that I (as the CP with exclusive rights to education) needed to sign was removed from her folder and never forwarded.

5. Paperwork to sign up for music that is on my day was removed and the deadline was missed

6. Dd was told that her new hair cut 'looked awful and the person who cut it was not a good stylist'

7. Dd lost outside privileges for the next month at their house because 'I' took out the very inappropriate blue 'feather' from her blonde hair that stepmom had put in during the summer. (side note: I left it in until the day before school started, I did not maliciously remove it, I felt it was inappropriate for school)

8. The two week night visits that she has had, she was not allowed to do her reading homework even after I forwarded the email from the teacher about the daily reading log, along with the 'consequences' to the child if they do not complete it and have a parent signature. Dd said they didn't have time... So she got to sit out of recess those two days and do her reading and now is 1 strike away from a B in conduct which reads 'does not come to school prepared for the day. She has an entire year of Thursday night visits so does that mean she will end up with a 'Z' in homework ethics??

9. Both Thursday nights, although they don't make her take a bath, they check her head for lice. Tonight I asked, so if you have lice, will you get to take a bath? I know... So mean.

10. Ex is supposed to call me once a week by court order, a stipulation he agreed to and has not called in 4 years although the order was made in June, I'm just saying... He hasnt called to talk about 'co parenting' issues.

11. Before school started, he demanded his wife be listed as 'the' emergency contact. I said no thanks, dad is the emergency contact 'or' second listed parent to me. And then my husband and then I 'guess' if they want to call stepmom, whatever.

12. Dd says they make a list at dinner of questions she has to ask Dad about his day. Why not just teach her how to have a conversation rather than make a hand written list? I mean... I can't get her to shut up on most days.. So I don't know why they need a list...

13. They refuse to either make her lunch or give her lunch money... Thank God I can put money on her account but come ON how hard is it to throw a lunch together when her lunch bag is right there??

14. School does not allow drop off for breakfast until 720 but dad dropped her off at 7am outside the school, unsupervised until someone unlocked the door at 720. Dangerous?? I think so... Scary for Dd? Absolutely!

15. Still refuses to allow her access to her court ordered cell phone that HE agreed to.

16. HE agreed to pay $100 a month for my health insurance starting in July... He is officially $300 behind (this is court ordered as well)

17. HE agreed to pay $5k (measly) of my $47k attorney fees... I haven't seen a dime. Neither has my lawyer.

18. He cancelled his first two weekends of the school year due to 'work'... At the last minute via email. Causing me to have to rush around, taking off work to pick up Dd from school on HIS day..

19. Dd is still required to call me by my first name at their house and says she has to stand in the corner if she 'forgets'. Seriously?

20. I can't think of anything else but I'm damn pissed and sick and tired of being annoyed by these controlling freaks!

AND I did the child support calculator today for fun... I should be getting $350 more a month than I am but I'm screwed because I 'agreed' to the $100 extra a month in medical support. By the attorney general website it says I should be getting the FULL amount of health insurance premium but I agreed to it.. And I'm stuck for three years until I can modify it... I'm thinking that I should not have agreed now but I am the one that agreed so... He better hope he never gets a damn raise!!

I'm so frustrated. I'm so tired of their crap. I'm so tired of them messing with my daughter. And they are SO lucky they got myfam the calm and level headed BM because tonight when my Dd made fun of her stepmom I corrected her and said 'no way not in my house!' but seriously, I could have just laughed along with her, which my husband and I did later on behind closed doors ... See I am the better person. I tell Dd, do what you are told, smile and be happy, mind your manners, don't do anything to get into trouble because you will just be that more miserable and it's only for a couple of nights.... She says she gets in trouble for breathing... Ugh! She is only 10!!!

Ok I need a drink. Wew I needed to tell all of that to someone and I'm so glad I have you all!!

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