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Laminate countertop woes - pls help!

Debbie Downer
15 years ago

Hi  I am in the middle of constructing laminate countertops. Somehow spilled some water that got underneath laminate sheets lying on the floor. Now there is some slight warping in areas where the water was  arghhhh!!! Will this flatten out once its glued and rolled with a roller? Seems like it might but I want to be 100% sure before I attempt it because if it doesnÂt work then IÂm really screwed, my particle board base will be ruined as well as the laminate.

AlsoÂ. Other questions how long do you have to let the glue set before flush trimming with the router? After trimming, can I use a bevel router bit instead of doing the filing by hand? That filing by hand makes me nervous  IÂm afraid I might chip the laminate. Speaking of chipping  its really hard to cut laminate without making a mess of it. IÂve been allowing an extra inch & ½ for chipping.

thanks in advance for any & all input

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