Stay away from these counter tops

7 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to home owning and have read a lot of useful stuff on these forums. But I haven't been able to find nary a mention of the issues I'm having with my still relatively new quartz counter tops and out of overwhelming frustration I felt the need to warn people somewhere, anywhere to avoid the brand we ended up with- and maybe even to think twice about quartz in general.

We did a lot of research and decided we wanted quartz because, well, everything we read seemed to say it was so ideal - including consumer reports. Hard, durable, virtually maintenance free. What's not to like.

So we made our first and biggest investment in our new house and updated the laminate counter tops with quartz. We went with a local company that was well reviewed on Angie's List (first, mistake was only going to one kitchen place). We spent weeks with various samples in our house trying to find out what color we liked. In the end, we chose - purely based on the looks - TRAFFICSTONE quartz in Pompei color from an Italian company called Santa Margherita. I hadn't heard of them, but I didn't think that meant anything - frankly Italian sounded fancy and the store vouched for the quality.

Well, they've been very disappointing. I won't go into every twist and turn, but shortly after installation chips around the sink started to show up. This was surprising because I assumed these slabs of quartz were a solid color throughout - so if there was a small chip in the surface - and these are small - you wouldn't really notice because it be the same general color. These chips show up WHITE. Like the brown color is a candy shell. This isn't what I was thought I was signing up for.

This is when I also realized an Italian company isn't ideal. I've read on these forums of people calling up, say, Ceasarstone with a problem and getting a real person. I can only email Italy. They put me in touch with the local distributor in Virginia, who was supposedly obtaining some epoxy that would address the chips, but it's been two-plus months and he still hasn't shown up and hasn't responded to my most recent emails.

And even still, having half a dozen chips within three months was not what I was signing up for. We lived with granite counter tops in our last apartment and treated them the same and I never saw a thing marring that surface. Granite may be out of fashion but I'm probably going to give it a good hard look in 10-15 years when I have the money to spend on counter tops again. This was a lot of money and I feel really let down. I don't feel like these counter tops lived up to the hype of everything I read about quartz, so the only thing I can advise is please avoid this brand.

I'd also LOVE to hear from anyone else who has quartz to know if this is a widespread thing or really just isolated to this brand or even a bad batch of quartz. I frankly feel a little crazy with how delicate these things seem to be given everything I've read about...

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