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Patio doors purchased at lumber yard vs Box store?

10 years ago

On forums, it is commonly stated that the quality of a patio door is better when purchase at a milwork/lumber yard vs a "big box store" such as Lowes or Home Depot.
I have decided to purchase an Anderson 400 series french patio door --- I was about to purchase it at my local milwork/lumber yard; however, I found out that a nearby "big box store" is having a 15% off sale on the same name brand and model (Anderson series 400).The 15% off amounts to $350 to $400! Question: Is an Anderson 400 series patio door the same exact door at the big box store as it is at my local millwork store (i.e., is the quality of construction the same)? NOTE: Instilation is not a factor; I have an excellent carpenter who is going to install the door no matter where I buy it. Need you input asap --the sale ends in 5 days. ---Jaes.

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