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Patio Doors - Okna vs. Affinity vs. Anderson

9 years ago

Hoping someone can help me here

I received three estimates to have my kitchen french doors replaced with a sliding door, but i'm not sure where to go from here.

Contractor 1 - Exclusively works with Affinity and quoted me $2,000 installed for the Affinity Elite sliding door with low-e, nickle handles and grids in the panes. My concerns are while doing research, I couldn't find any reviews on the contractor, but they are listed on as a verified contractor - I asked for references. I also haven't heard of Affinity and although they come with a lifetime warranty, i'm not sure the history of the company and if they are good doors.

Contractor 2 - Told me he will pickup and install any door of my choice for a flat $500. He recommended Anderson or Pela from HD / Lowes. This contractor had over 100 positive reviews on - but he is limited to stores like HD / Lowes because he isn't an authorized dealer through Affinity.

Contractor 3 - Local family owned glass installer. They exclusively work with Okna. They quoted me at $2,200 for the door, nickle finishes, 4-point latch system, in-glass grids and installation. Again, like Affinity, I haven't heard much about Okna except that they have been around a little longer then Affinity.

Does anyone have experience with these brands? Do these quotes seem reasonable? I appreciate any help anyone can provide! I'm looking for a door that will last and not fade / wear out over time, but is also energy efficient. Our backyard has awful summer sun and it wears on everything.

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