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Replacing old sliding aluminum windows--are tilt-ins waste of $$?

14 years ago

Hi everyone,

We're replacing our old, crappy aluminum builder-grade windows from 1965. We've only gotten one quote so far, but this person is very highly rated on our local angie's list (which is very active and reliable in our area).

This person suggested replacing our aluminum sliders with vinyl sliders and acted like my desire for tilt-in windows for easy cleaning was a waste of money. I really appreciate a contractor who does not try to "sell up" or get me to spend more money for silly things, but my question for you is---ARE windows that tilt in for easy cleaning a waste of money?

Furthermore, this person said that my original wood double-hung windows are "fine" for now--I can feel cold air coming through them in the winter, though. (The builder installed these on the front of the house and used aluminum everywhere else, I assume to save $$). Does this sound strange? I think he sensed that we are on a budget (we are--we just bought this house, and put in new AC, new furnace and refinished the hardwood floors, so yes, we're on a budget) and wanted to make the sale happen.

For 9 windows (three of which are really quite large) he quoted about $8000. This is for a vinyl sliding window that doesn't tilt in and they are also low-E so that we can get the energy rebate. Does this sound reasonable, expensive, or too cheap? From reading this forum I see that I should have asked about brands, but didn't. I'm concerned that he is trying too hard to help us save money.

I don't want to spend stupid money, but I want to get good windows. I know I also need to get other estimates, but wanted to ask these questions here first so I'm more informed for the next contractor.

Of course, nothing could be worse than the windows we have now. We might as well have holes cut in the walls with no glass!

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