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Can we replace windows without having to replace shutters?

14 years ago

Our house is 11 years old and our windows are failing one by one, getting moisture in between the panes. We had about 4 of them replaced by our new home warranty, but that expired in July. It's about $350 per double pane (with two panes on each window, so $700 per window) to replace by our local glass shop. So, at this point, it might be more cost-effective to just replace all or some of the windows.

We have inside-mount plantation shutters throughout the house - every window - that cost us a pretty penny and we do NOT want to have to replace them. Can windows be replaced without affecting the interior structure of the window, so the shutters can stay in place and not have to be replaced? If so, can you direct me to where/what kind of windows these are, and about how much they run?

If it helps, the exterior of our house is stucco, the interior had no sill or trim, but with the inside-mount shutters it now has trim that sit inside the window box. There is drywall up to the actual window, I'm assuming sealing in part of that window. These shutters CAN be removed and put back (though I'd prefer not to), but I need them to still fit once the new windows are put in. The kind of windows my parents put in have trim that extend inside the house so that kind won't work if the shutters are to stay in place.

Thanks...this is the very beginning stages of considering this and we can use all the help we can get.

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