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Install new construction windows on stucco home1

9 years ago

I wanted to know how much more difficult it is to replace existing windows in a stucco home with new construction windows. The reason I want to do that is the bottom sills are rotting out since they were made of pine.

How much more time on the average; would new construction windows take vs. replacement windows where they just use the existing framing of the window? For example I like to get a reply such as: "it would take one hour more time to install a new construction window."

Most windows contractors want to talk you into their replacement line of windows. None will do new construction windows - even if you tell them the bottom sill is rotted. They say they will fix it!

Do I have to look for any particular windows type contractors to do the project or can I do it myself?

I watched a couple homes where new construction windows were being installed and it took them about 20 minutes to do a 5' X 5' window. It was only two people and one worked on the outside. This included the insulation; slimming and nailing and screwing and placing the window panels back in.

One thing I not sure of is how do I handle the weather stripping around the top of the window? Do I try to tuck it inside the existing space or do I cut it off?

I think of installing the Marvin Ultimate glide windows!


Found out that I would have to do way to much work to do new construction windows on existing stucco! I looking at replacing the sills or repairing the sills with bond. Yes bond. Then using a good replacement window.

Learn from other posts on the internet.

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